Cheers To You!


Your Hosts: Liz Riegal
Show Description: An exciting look at local life, history, culture, shopping, dining, entertainment and the great outdoors, Discover is a video program both residents and visitors will want to watch, and keep coming back to.
Soccer Talk
Your Hosts: Ryan Ellis, Joe Tansey and Sean Brace
Show Description: All things Union soccer, from the city to the suburbs. Ryan Ellis, Joe Tansey and Sean Brace take you inside the team weekly, from the preseason through the MLS playoffs. In the off-season they will touch on development, transactions and soccer from around the world.
Eagles Talk
Your Host: Ed Kracz
Show Description: Go inside the locker room and behind the scenes with the Philadelphia Eagles as Calkins Media beat writer Ed Kracz brings you daily interviews and insight into what is happening with the team and your favorite players. You'll wonder how you ever survived without Eagles Talk. It's habit forming for all Eagles fans. Fly Eagles Fly!
Flyers Talk
Your Host: Wayne Fish
Show Description: From who’s starting in goal, to how the league is evolving, look no further. Whether the team is resting during the off-season, or battling through a long regular season on the road to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Sixers Talk
Your Host: Tom Moore
Show Description: Sixers Talk looks around the NBA at key matchups, brings you news from around the league, and the latest Sixer’s news. Who the team is planning to draft, to players living up to the hype. You’ll find it all here.
Phillies Talk
Your Host: Kevin Cooney
Show Description: Phillies Talk is in a league of it's own. Your host, Kevin Cooney hits it out of the ballpark with his knowledge of the team and players. When you're looking for the latest Phillies news, we have all the bases covered. If you love Philadelphia baseball, you'll want to follow Phillies Talk. Step up to the plate and watch it now. Play ball!
Game On
Your Host: The Sports Team
A New Studio Show: Thursdays With Highlights Throughout The Week
Show Description: It’s the best and most insightful coverage of all the local high school teams. Tune in each day for new content, including in-depth interviews, feature stories and studio shows with local athletes and coaches.
Cook This
Your Host: Shereen Pavlides
A New Show: Tuesdays
Show Description: Whether you are looking for a simple but tasty dish to spice up a midweek meal or seeking that crowd-pleasing appetizer for a special occasion, chef Shereen Pavlides has the recipe for you, from heartwarming comfort foods to mouthwatering roasts and tempting desserts. Check it out as Shereen welcomes you into her kitchen each Tuesday for easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes.
Eat This!
Your Host: Chuck Thomas
A New Show: Thursdays
Show Description: From five star restaurants to backroad cafes, Chuck Thomas takes viewers to all the best dining spots in our area. He won’t leave any stone unturned, as he leads you to the top foodie spots and introduces you to the people who make the incredible food featured on Eat This! So follow Chuck each Thursday as he explores all the culinary hotspots in the Philly region, and guides you to the foods that will make your taste buds jump for joy!
Cheers To You!
Your Host: Adrian Sipes
A New Show: Fridays
Show Description: Whether you like dark, malty stouts or lively, hoppy IPA’s, Adrian Sipes shows you the area’s best craft breweries, and the bars and pubs that carry their beer. If wine or spirits are more your taste, he also seeks out the best local vintners and distilleries. Every Friday he explores a new brewery’s process, the culture of beer, or the craft and history of brewing, winemaking and distilling.
Navigating Life
Your Host: Kris Ballerini
A New Show: Every other Monday
Show Description: Every other Monday, Kris Ballerini charts your course for life after 55 with Navigating Life. Learn how a healthy lifestyle can help seniors stay active and improve their quality of life. Whether it's health care, diet or finances, Navigating Life is a guide to the resources that seniors and their caregivers need. We cover the important questions and topics for post-retirement and beyond.
To Do
Your Host: Jared Finkel
A New Show: Wednesdays
Show Description: Get ready for the weekend with To Do! Every Wednesday watch as Jared Finkel guides you through some entertainment options in Bucks County for the weekend ahead. No matter what you’re looking for - concerts, cabarets, karaoke, shows, comedy, events and more – To Do has the information you need.
Garden Minute
Your Host: Tina Sottolano Cain
A New Show: Fridays
Show Description: In The Garden explores gardening as a lifestyle where you can be inspired to grow a garden inside and out. Learn easy tips every Friday from Tina Sottolano-Cain on enhancing your home or patio using tropicals and container gardens as well as designing an outdoor garden were you can grow healthy vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs. Whether you are short on time or space you can always spare a minute to garden.
Your Host: Carol Erickson
A New Show: Monday through Friday 8am and Noon
Show Description: Every morning wake up to Newsbreak - local news about where you live, work and shop. Anchor Carol Erickson connects you with your county's News and Weather - fast and interesting. Updates daily at noon. Local news and videos that matter to you, portable, online and on time.
Pet Vet
Your Host: Carol Erickson
A New Show: Sundays
Show Description:Every Sunday, Carol Erickson and a local veterinarian tackle the many health issues facing pets. From emergencies in dogs, cats, horses and other animals to routine care and how to do it, the experts answer questions that might save your pet, your pocketbook, and a trip to the vet's office.
Value This!
Your Host: Carol Erickson
A New Show: Wednesdays
Show Description: That “junk” you’re throwing out could be worth a lot, or maybe that “heirloom” is the junk. Find out with Dr. Lori Verderame. The noted local art historian shares the value of each item with host Carol Erickson, and helps you decide to keep it, toss it, or sell it for big bucks.

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