Creativity will never be taken over by machines!

Craig Veltri is the product and development manager for GateHouse Media. He was hired for Calkins as Web Master in 2011 which was acquired by GateHouse Media in 2017. During his time at Calkins/GateHouse Media he has been the front-end web developer and works closely with internal clients for digital processes and best practices with many years of experience in digital. Working closely with sales he develops new advertising opportunities within our products. He currently manages six employees, coaching and training them on digital products such as email blasts, website design, jQuery, CSS, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, HTML5 and Bootstrap from design to deployment.

In his early days, he earned a degree in visual communications. He studied graphic and advertising design, working for printers, publishers, marketing and advertising companies prior to Calkins such as Advertising Specialty Institute, MN Creative Design, RTB ADV, Yellow Book, Anchor Printing and Prescott Printing.

At Calkins he was the leader in developing the process of converting PhillyBurbs into 3 newspaper sites and worked closely directing employees on the mapping and conversion processes. He played the key role in the design and framework of the websites working closely with the creative director in 2013. He earned his certification for development in Town News CMS. He took the leadership role in converting the 3 sites into responsive websites and redesigned in 2016. He also took the lead role in migrating from one VMS(Limelight) to another (Field 59) and presented to western PA on the process and direction in 2016-2017. These are just a few of his accomplishments with Calkins.
Craig Veltri continuously focuses on producing the best user experience in email blast, apps, OTT, advertising, frameworks and design.

Some of Craig’s hobbies are stock photography, music and exercise.